National Bassoon Festival in Mexico City

I recently returned from Mexico City where I was honored to have been the invited guest artist of the Fourth Encuentro Nacional de Fagot (National Bassoon Festival of Mexico) organized by Wendy Holdaway. The event was an enormous success with young bassoonists from throughout Mexico in attendance all week for numerous recitals, master classes, exhibits, and a competition. Bernd Moosmann was there with bassoons and accessories, as well as Yahama representatives doing free repair work. The talent is immense in Mexico and it was a pleasure to work with students there and with the professional bassoonists of the capitol, Carolina Lagunes, Ernesto Martínez, Cecelia Rodríguez, Gerardo Ledezma,
Samatha Brenner, and of course Wendy Holdaway who is doing amazing things for the young musicians of Mexico. Another delight was performing a recital with pianist Ana María Tradatti, a truly terrific musician.