Missa Latina Pro Pax

Saxton RosePerformance with the Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra, Andreas Delfs, director, Heidi Grant Murphy, soprano and Nathaniel Webster, baritone and the San Juan Philharmonic Chorale as part of the 2007 Casals Festival. On the program was Roberto Sierra’s Missa Latina Pro Pax, a beautiful and engaging new work. The concert took place at Centro de Bellas Artes, Saturday, March 3, 2007.

“The title I chose, Missa Latina, has a dual meaning. On the one hand it refers to the traditional Latin text, while on the other hand the work is infused with a ‘Latino’ character: it is infused with the ‘Caribbean gestures’ that allude to my personal background, my own Hispanic heritage, and which color so much of my music These come to the fore particularly in the “Laudamost te” of the Gloria and the ‘Pleni sunt caeli’ of the Sanctus.”
-Roberto Sierra

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  1. Absolutely love your page, and the Músicos de la Orquesta page as well. Just one request: could you please include the San Juan Philharmonic Chorale’s name in the performance credits? (We worked so hard at it!) There’s a typo in the last full line of Sierra’s quote you might want to correct while you’re at it: it’s Laudamus, not Laudamost.

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