Website Redesign

logoI’m very excited to announce that the newly redesigned International Double Reed Society website, has finally launched. I have been maintaining the homepage for 4-5 years now and was responsible for its design but the enormous amount of research, files and information that had accumulated over the 13 years of’s existence was in desperate need of a complete renovation. Yoshi Ishikawa, the site’s Editor and I worked to segment the different facets of the site into manageable and easily understandable/rememberable sections. We also revamped the login process providing better access to members-only sections of the site like score downloads and videos. The process by which users join the IDRS online, edit their account information and renew their membership was completely rewritten.

I worked to create a design that was simple, easy to read and elegant. I reworked the logo a bit and tried to keep the look uncluttered.

Though there is still a lot of work to be done converting thousands of pages of html into the new XHTML/CSS/PHP framework I think we’ve laid the groundwork for a successful ongoing system.

Go to the site now, If you’re not a member of IDRS, join.

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