Schubert and Stravinsky Octets

I performed the Octets of Schubert and Stravinsky Sunday, February 19th as part of the 50th Casals Festival. The peformance took place in the Sala de Drama of Bellas Artes in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Also on the program was the Introduction and Allegro of M. Ravel.

Performers on the concert were: Henry Hutchinson; violín I, Omar Velázquez; violín II, Ramón Negrón; viola, Lizary Rodríguez; harp, Jesús Morales; cello, José García; contrabass, Josué Casillas; flute, Roberto Ramírez; trumpet I, Luis Bermúdez; trumpet II, Benito Díaz; french horn, Kathy Jones; clarinet, Saxton Rose; bassoon I, Ion Sherbanesco; bassoon II, Luis Fred; trombone I, Miguel A. Rivera; trombone II, Rafael E. Irizarry; director.

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